The North and South

16.12.14 The violent week before Christmas.

The hearts of the west are broken by the news from Peshwar, and our minds confounded by events in Sydney.

Only weak men could hide behind a religious lie to attack the innocent.

Honour is made by taking on a formidable foe, not by the destruction of life.

The end times are a self fulfilling prophesy to Islamists, They are ideas conjured up by an era of ignorance.  Devises of a people who still believed the earth was flat.

Why cannot humanity grow up – drop its false allegiances and strive to survive together.  Gods are like science – stories that are a mere means of understanding the path to righteousness, they are not banners or causes, and are certainly not worth one human life.  Today no meaning is held by your phrase Inshallah.  This is the will of bad men, not gods.



Jonoboyle All rights reserved reproduction with specific reference, Copyright 2014

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