I am inspired by all things creative; moreover literary, but above all historical, and more precisely the wisdom dug from the traditions of ancient Greece, Rome, and other remarkable civilisations which laid the foundations for our modern world.  I graduated from Keele University with Classical Studies and History B.A.(hons.), in 2000.  I am a strong believer in the Gaia Hypothesis of Professor James Lovelock.  I have had many occupations, none of which I have truly loved.

‘… at 17 had me assist in manufacturing components for an unnecessary armament’ industry.  I found this to be firmly against all I believed in.  It has galvanised a life of political and social interaction, with the desire to learn and to pass on knowledge and wisdom, indeed, now-days, to a youth bedazzled by technology, mind controlling advertising, and undefined politics.’

I have spent most of my adult life reading and learning about good writers.  I am now at the stage where I find it hard to take on any more new ideas, the more we read the fussier we become.  I am currently adding to the London Peasant, and polishing it as I go, whilst developing the plot for my first true novel, and juggling with a few ideas for other projects – involving: women and the home front in WWII;  two jack the lad cum gang members of London c 2000; and an English girl school sleuth, who shall solve the mysteries I will weave her in, perhaps across a few centuries of London’s time.

For my current theme, I am assessing the differences I have had from a curricular education and the ideas about the world’s behaviour abounding as conspiracies in publication, media and to the everyday bemusement of us, the public. I hope to research deeper into what could be seen as present day truth, and unfold this as I go into an indictment of our time and the future we are being presented.  It is laced with modern fears and confusion, and will clarify or present questions as to humanities place alongside the driving forces of modern society.

Watch out for the next Jonoboyle publication later in 2015.


Jonoboyle All rights reserved reproduction with specific reference, Copyright 2014

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