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Welcome to the archive of Jonoboyle; a writer, in the elusive sense, as it does not earn me a living.


 Currently I am hacking at a tiny portion of the worlds capital resources with a cook’s knife and a head for flavour.  I am free enough to have an ambition to fulfil my amber-ing years of mid and late forties – that is I am saving to undertake an English Language Teaching course; thus embarking on an anonymous world tour.  I cannot hack a p.c. however, so I will continue to protest and emphasize via: stories, poems, and essays, for fun, and ultimately to settle into the role of novelist.  

I hope to visit hubs like Japan, Brazil, or Egypt; using them as bases for shorter trips that will fulfil a lifelong dream to see and understand this confusing life in more entirety, if such a juxtaposition is allowed.  


The raison d’etre of jonoboyle archive

I always wanted to understand the ideas, inspirations, activities and developments in my favourite authors lives – and used to go to lengths to find such relics; in fact working in Bloomsbury today is reassuring to my aesthetic soul.  A stones throw from the archaeological home of my knowledge base, the British Museum.  I pass the house of Shelley, Newton or Sheridan at times daily, and often drink down St Thomas Street Southwark, where Keats dissected anatomy and the English Language.

Hence I am creating this space to document my brainstorming development as a novelist.  I have begun traditionally – with a collection of poetry, to be followed by my early shorts, then I expect a collection of essays, before turning to the ideas for novels and potential film scripts.  It is all here for your curiosity, enjoyment (I hope), and perhaps as it matures in the coming years as a useful learning tool, for anyone appreciating the English Language, and cultural, or idealistic communication…

IMG_20140110_134215”    …  This is London, London calling  …    “


Jonoboyle All rights reserved reproduction with specific reference, Copyright 2014

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