A novus ordo. Christus nos ex lux a tenebris occultis –

I cast no judgements; yet following an instinctive love of the life of Jesus Christ, I can only wonder at the rejection of modernity.

For this has been driven by political, social and subliminal striving for one world synthesis.

To a person who saw the world before its plethora of screens chose my imagery – I can only be concerned for the thought of what is to come.

I declare no revelation, but confirming deep suspicions about the unification of human consciousness towards a goal that stinks of world domination by the west.

It is this, the manipulation of law and civil strife, by infiltration, subterfuge, distraction and symbology, which brings a tired mind to return to the simple, effectivity within the law of God.


My research and links will appear here.

My beginning.. began in discovering ancient philosophy, beliefs and an historical analysis stretching form Dorian Greece to Vietnam. I procrastinated, was confused and occupied in the money race.

Then I was geometrically suspicious, employed in the heart of the West End of London – so I enquired, casting no judgements, merely feeding a greedy interest inspired by boredom from modernity in its mundane reiteration of anti Christian society.


A good man directed me to investigate……

Which alerted me somewhat as in study I had encountered gnous pronounced as a similar word to this sound to describe knowledge in cockney.  Weird, agreed my tutor on Egyptian society, back in 1996.I followed her lesson up and ended this line at that time reading up on Paracelsus, thinking how it is similar to the illuminist movement in French literature or even Merlin – but not yet linking it to anything other than woozy new age thinking.  That it inspired a documentation of all things by the encyclopedists movement, I only recently thought how such a thing links it to a Norman itinerary of their estates from 1086, an itinerary of knowledge foreshadows an itinerary of the earth.  It did however remind me of reading Blake’ s Heaven and Hell whilst on LSD at an early age.  The masonic or rosie crucification stuff is all coming later for me, so far I am just gathering knowledge, as yet not scared by it all.  As a brief aside one should look into the awful effect had by Timothy Leary.


Bavarian Illuminati, freemasonry and the french revolution.  the Drury Trail, and implications.  Canada.  Q Vic and the royal game of war/chess.  Money corps and NWO announcements.  The tenner note imagery.  The legend of Scotia and its Druidic links, the Unseen works of Newton, Jacobins, The flag, Octagonal geometrics/the infinite and its base shape is the pyramid..  Fears about bad practises and occultism at the heart of the social revolutions in 19th century Britain.  Fabians, Marx, duality, division, Ceasar, from man to god and divide and rule.The names of the days of the week, the Vat/London/DC, and the corrupted Religion.  True Christian worship.  3 Lions everywhere! the bridge in Holborn.  towers and temples.


I must research all this, sorry.  This is my brain. Jesus shapes my heart.