Doughnuts and crows

I faced into the wind so hellishly fierce

I must spread out some wings my life here is scarce

Cuddling some cold lunch I walked dodging brown leaves

Until I sat on a lonely bench beneath two tall trees

Hungrily thinking over the past, I devoured the poor food

I thought about travel and a future, I brewed and stewed.

‘CAW’ the crows began eyeing with hope.

A dozen stood before me and stared.

As one body each eye centred on our lunch

Intimidated and amused I threw it with a hunch

That these Norse eye’s of Wodin would take to the air,

vying each other eat with some flair

the morsels of sweet bread arcing from my hand

not once on the leafy floor would land.

Wodin of war, these eyes have me cornered

The carnivorous crows that follow blood battles of foes.

The crows I see follow a strong leader

the fellow at back the first eyes for the pack

His caw will lift them as one to the air

His judgement is for their safety, its proper its fair

Humanity never had this trait

They lead by their greed behind a big gate.

Jonoboyle All rights reserved reproduction with specific reference, Copyright 2014

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