The Coffee Shop Lady

I first fell in awe of your youthful face

I watched while your courage cuddled your soft grace

With timorous tones I requested black coffee

hesitating to remark your sugar turns to toffee

It impressed me so much I came back for more

and leaning with adoration against your busy door

I anticipated lifes bitter sweet tang upon my tongue

as your handsome sweetness urged my timidity to run

but your chit chat cheered the space between both ears

and your smiles soothed out all the wrinkles in my fears

your laugh made me breath a deep sonorous sigh

your character did bid my heart strings to cry

I saw the cusp of your work so terribly tough

stressed west end customers demands are so rough

to clarify, your beauty is elegance in strength

as you admitted your confusion was your day of great length

I’m not sure why I must remark or explain

how I was enamoured by this lady of no complaint.