Inspired @CharaNickesonis

Oppressive age be lightened by youth
Marvel at the cut of its tooth
Hark at its futuristic sooth
Emulate its lack of aloof.
When tomorrow is full of yesterdays thoughts
Some intrepid absurdity can lighten your walk
The dash of a laugh can cut the distraught
The flash of a hope could rewrite your chalk
If a captured observance from one so young
Makes you hold your proud old tongue
Suddenly you feel you have been quite dumb
That your sad memories have left you numb
Recapture some thoughts about living a life
Not hampered by troubles and strife
Chase at the bubbles all colourful, er, rife
Who gives a toss about following the wife?
Okay try not to fall but skate up the spring
Or Bang your head till you give her a ring
But Follow the souls that help you to sing
Hold them so close – they may be your wings.

Jonoboyle All rights reserved reproduction with specific reference, Copyright 2014

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