AZ.Namusn.Art is an art collective founded by Riccardo Fadda (1976), arose in Porto Torres (SS), May 2007, after an artistic action in the public central square of the town. AZ.Namusn.Art collective is a fluid group of people that come together to create projects designed to shake the conscience, in order to delineate an artistic journey in everyday life of a society manipulated by the mass-mediatic flood, which lies inside the damage of a narcotized information . In fact, it’s a floating collective, because we find inside it different professionals that operate in specific areas, whom, depending on the project, alternate between them.

AZ.Namusn.Art proposes an art of the derailment, which is offered as a “revolutionary” in relations with the too conformist connection Art-Society, Art-Politics, Art-Economics, Art-Nature.

AZ.Namusn.Art acts within the public opinion. It attracts the attention, and then pushes it off the rails of the conventional communication. It uses the same tools of information, to denounce the exploitation and corrode from the inside.
As public art, is primarily a civil art . It does not produce monuments, but “moments”. It develops according to the opcode of experience, not to the art object

Jonoboyle All rights reserved reproduction with specific reference, Copyright 2014

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