Up on the Black Heath

Stand there in the middle

Just up from the church

That view can play fiddle as

Behind the horizon there lurch

A sweetness of lush earth,

That holds a city of great girth.


Just over the top there

Behind them Harris fences

Are tents full of them that dare

With land to air defences

Chinooks on every other day

Whip cold winds out of the way


That big hole by the very top

Was made by a huge bomb that dropped

There by those smoking kids in hoods

That’s where them revolting peasants stood

Tyler immortalised by that piddly road

Caesar made this long one to carry his bloody load.


Those Tudors were raised over that hill

They watched the warships sail in post kill

This Heath still holds its standard royal

And people here would reckon they’re loyal

You’d say it’s down to the wealth it brings

Commoners rights, Canary Wharf and things.

Jonoboyle All rights reserved reproduction with specific reference, Copyright 2014

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