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Wise Street Rap Vs. Gentle Rhym - Jonoboyle



  '...there are many unknowns. What to wear, who to hang out with, what to listen to, which substances should be taken, where can I go next, do we chose our diet, or does society and omnipotent marketing - what on earth to do for work?  Fables is a mix of tales which grapples with... Continue Reading →


Picking up her discarded photos, I feared she was not strong enough to love, I shrugged. We grew, we enjoyed kids,homemaking and twisted happiness. We found assurement, until complacency came and we fought. That last day I closed her door silently, she was strong, her sadness was now mine. .

Slip beside me

This is how we slept - on the floor You called it 'futon' I said 'what'. It had this same white cyan stripe pattern I only see just now. Then you would have crawled into this single, too full of hope to make things unfeasible. With naked smile lifting each rosy pale cheek, I nearly... Continue Reading →

Doughnuts and crows

I faced into the wind so hellishly fierce I must spread out some wings my life here is scarce Cuddling some cold lunch I walked dodging brown leaves Until I sat on a lonely bench beneath two tall trees Hungrily thinking over the past, I devoured the poor food I thought about travel and a... Continue Reading →

The Coffee Shop Lady

I first fell in awe of your youthful face I watched while your courage cuddled your soft grace With timorous tones I requested black coffee hesitating to remark your sugar turns to toffee It impressed me so much I came back for more and leaning with adoration against your busy door I anticipated lifes bitter... Continue Reading →

Inspired @CharaNickesonis

Oppressive age be lightened by youth Marvel at the cut of its tooth Hark at its futuristic sooth Emulate its lack of aloof. When tomorrow is full of yesterdays thoughts Some intrepid absurdity can lighten your walk The dash of a laugh can cut the distraught The flash of a hope could rewrite your chalk... Continue Reading →


Her enigmatic dark eyes Deep mysterious liquid sighs. Rustling folding tresses, she Is an embrace of warm loving arms. She holds out firm soft hands For fun fumbles from tiny fingers She is serenities supprise For her hidden silence smiles. She is the guide and the light Of her familiarity.  She Is a kind unseen... Continue Reading →

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